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Family and Group Plan FAQs

Family and Group Subscription FAQs

How do I add or remove members from my group?

The Group Manager assigns members to the group on the Group section of their Account Dashboard.

How do Group Members pay for their membership?

All payments for the group are handled by the Group Manager. The Group Manager can collect funds from other members if they wish, but Fully Being does not collect funds directly from members.

I already have an individual subscription. Can I cancel my individual subscription and join a group?

Yes, you can cancel an individual subscription and join a group plan. We do NOT offer refunds on cancelled plans. However, we may be able to offer credit on cancelled annual subscriptions. The credit can be applied to the purchase of a group plan, but the credit is not transferable to another individual. Please contact the Fully Being registrar for details, before you start the cancellation process.

If I purchase a group plan, do I need to be a member of the Group?

No, you can purchase a group plan and not be a member of the group.

Can I purchase and manage more than one group plan?

Yes, one person can purchase and manage more than one plan.

I just purchased a group plan. How do I manage my group?

If you purchased a Group subscription, click on the Groups section of your Account Dashboard. A new dashboard will open with options to

  • Back to Groups, returns to the main dashboard
  • See Members, shows current group members and options to change membership in the group
  • Add Members (default), gives the option to invite new members
  • Group Settings, where you can view Billing Details and increase the size of your group, using the Add Seats button.
Can I increase or decrease the size of my group?

Yes, the Group Manager can increase or decrease the number of members in a group by going to the Group Details section of the Group on the Group section of the Account Dashboard).

I was invited to join a group, but I don't know how to accept the invitation. Can you help with this?

If you did not receive your email invitation to join the group, then please check your spam folder, or contact the Group Manager and ask them to remove you and re-assign you to the group.

If you received the email, you will either see a message to login (for existing users) or to create an account (for new users). After creating an account or logging in to your account, please RETURN TO THE EMAIL INVITATION AND CLICK THE INVITATION LINK A SECOND TIME. You will be prompted to accept the invitation.

Please check your inbox for communications related to your group signup.

I joined a group, but I cannot access the Groups section of My Account dashboard. Can you help with this?

Only Group Managers can access the Groups section of the Account Dashboard. If you are not a Group Manager, you will not see access to any Groups on the Dashboard.

Is an email address necessary to be part of a group?

An email is required. Each member will be prompted to create and log in to their account in order to access the course.

Do group plans auto-renew?

Monthly group plans auto-renew at the end of the month.To cancel a group plan, select the group in the Groups section of your Account Dashboard, and go to Group Settings > Billing. Alternatively, select the subscription in your Account Dashboard > Subscriptions, and find the option to cancel the plan.

Annual group plans do not auto-renew. To renew an annual

Do you offer refunds on cancelled group plans?

We do not offer refunds on cancelled monthly group plans. On annual group plans, we may be able to offer credit for a cancelled plan, which can then be used towards the purchase of a new plan. Please contact the Fully Being Registrar before making any changes.

Can I pause or suspend a group plan?

Yes, you can pause or suspend a group plan one time per billing cycle. Please see the billing details for the plan.

What happens when I cancel a group plan?

Cancelling a group plan stops any further billing on that plan. Cancelling does not immediately terminate your plan. The plan will remain active until the end of the billing period.

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