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Welcome to Essence Love I

The Heart of Fully Being

Essence love - heart of Fully Being

Essence love is the root of the feeling nature within the subtle body. It is our birthright, a bright spark of unconditioned, boundless love. Although it can become covered over and conditioned, it is never entirely lost and is a touchstone, a place of refuge, for all of our lives. We experience it as a subtle feeling of well-being and a basic okay-ness, and a readiness to give and receive love.


We practice handshake and dropping until we hear the soft voice of essence love, a place we re-discover within ourselves. Once we sense essence love we simply rest, without attachment, in this feeling. The radical “non-method” of handshake practice opens us to the complexities of our feeling world. Eventually, we begin to awaken to what we have known all along, the feeling of essence love that underlies and informs the subtle body.


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