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The Integration of Fully Being


This last section consists mainly of Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s advice and ennobling stories of his teachers on how to practice and live wisely. Having healed ourselves to some degree, we can go more confidently into the complexities of the world with a deeper and kinder perspective.

Helping others in intelligent and heartfelt ways, in turn, deepens and strengthens our own insight and compassion. It's a win/win situation.  As we become less and less burdened with our bad habits, wounds, and neuroses, the natural or uncontrived experience of the world and ourselves becomes more vibrant, joyful and awakening. It’s a time for celebration.


When you hear stories and teachings of gutsy and creative human beings who work to benefit others and accomplish so much, you can explore the kind of feelings these stories and teachings bring up in you. They show us how, even in the midst of great suffering and change, that individuals can remain wise, playful and compassionate.

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