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The Integration of Fully Being


This last, eighth, part of the course, is different than the seven preceding it. You have now completed this course of transformative teachings. Having healed ourselves to some degree, we can now go into the complexity of the world in a different way and concentrate all our training and hard work to benefit others.


Helping others in intelligent and heartfelt ways in turn deepens and strengthens our own insight and compassion. It's a win/win situation.  As we become less and less burdened with our bad habits, wounds, and neuroses, the experience of the world and ourselves becomes more vibrant and joyful and awakening. Rinpoche speaks of teachers he has known and describes how they act and appear in the world. It’s a time for celebration.

When you hear stories and teachings of gutsy hero’s who work for the benefit of others and accomplish so much, observe the kind of energies and feelings these stories and teachings bring up in you. In these stories, and many we may know personally, how, even in the midst of great suffering and change, individuals can remain vigilant in their insight and compassion.

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