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To support others, we invite you to join as a Supporting Member. You can also give the Gift of Fully Being to someone you know, to introduce them to the course. Finally, you may wish to subscribe to Fully Being as a Family or Group, at reduced rates. Please explore the options and contact us if you have questions.

Individual Subscription FAQs

Access to the Free Minicourse and to the Warmups.

Full access to all course materials (no restrictions).

Go to the Join page and select the plan of interest.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Go the Subscriptions section of your Account Dashboard and click on the subscription of interest. Click the Cancel button on the subscription.

Note that your subscription will remain active until the end of the subscription period, but will not renew after this time.

Note that we do not offer refunds on cancelled subscriptions.

Yes, you can change from monthly to annual (and vice versa), and you can change your level of support from base level to supporting member (and vice versa).

Go to the Subscription Section of your Account Dashboard and click on the subscription of interest. Find and click on the Change Subscription button.

Note that we do not offer refunds on subscriptions. Thus, your account will not be credited for unused portions of a subscription (e.g. in the case of a downgrade from annual to monthly or from supporting to a base membership).

Yes, you can change or update your payment method in the Subscription Section of your account dashboard > click the “Change Payment” button.

Sorry, we do not offer refunds. However, you may want to try our Free Minicourse first to see if the more extensive courses on Fully Being are right for you.

No I'm sorry, but you cannot pause your subscription. You can however cancel your subscription, and restart at another time. Note that for cancelled subscriptions, you are granted access until the end of the current billing period, but your subscription does not renew after that.

Monthly subscribers will not be notified of upcoming renewal dates, but they will receive a confirmation of payment. Annual subscribers will be notified of upcoming renewal dates. Note that all subscriptions auto-renew unless cancelled by the subscriber.

Yes, subscriptions renew automatically by default. However, you can disable auto-renew on your account dashboard (see the toggle option to turn off Auto-Renew).

Subscribers may opt to support the Fully Being project with a slightly higher subscription amount. See the Supporting Member page.

If you are a new subscriber, go the Supporting Member page to join. If you are an existing subscriber, go to your Account Dashboard > Subscriptions section and click the individual subscription. Look for the option to Change Subscription Plan.

Subscriptions are labelled by a number and unfortunately we are not able to provide the name of the subscription in the dashboard at this time. You will need to click each subscription to see its name and details.

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