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Welcome to Handshake II

Meeting and Healing our Feelings


Handshake is the meeting of the mind and our feeling world. It is a way to be open and fresh, without judging, suppressing, indulging, or running away from our feelings.   Rooted in a kind and spacious attitude of complete acceptance, all our emotions, resistances, sensations, and thoughts are welcomed. Handshake is deeply healing because we learn how to be true friends to all of our experiences.


Handshaking is called a "practice" even though it isn’t a method, but more of a non-method. It is not so much about something to do as what not to do. It is a re-training of our attitude – the attitude that particular feelings, emotions, moods, or ways of thinking are bad and therefore need to be suppressed, attacked, eliminated, and so on. Handshake is precisely the opposite approach; it allows every feeling and emotion to arise, to be there fully, and to express itself.  There is no active judgment of good and bad, right or wrong, and no resistance. So the only "method," which isn’t truly a method, is to train in non-judging and non-resisting, in allowing everything to be and reveal itself.


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