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Using the Website

This page includes FAQs about layout and navigation of the website, and related topics. The Course Dashboard is the place to start.

Website FAQs

Website FAQs

I just signed up for Fully Being. Where do I begin?

We suggest that you browse the main menu to see the available options. Consider reading Using this Course and Using the Website. Then, go to the Course Dashboard to select your first course.

Can I use a mobile phone to view this website?

Yes, you can view the courses on any device, including on a mobile phone. However, the website is more difficult to navigate on a mobile phone than on other devices.

The menu on my mobile phone only shows icons. What do they mean?

The icons represent:

  • Video = Courses
  • Plus Sign = Extra supplemental material
  • Question Mark = Support
  • Contact Card = About us
  • Person Icon = Account information

Most likely the page has not fully loaded in your browser. Please be patient. If you are still having difficulty, please contact us.

Can I get help using this course and the website?

Yes, please first browse the FAQs in the Support section (Question icon). If you are cannot find your answer in the FAQs, then please contact us.

Course Dashboard FAQs

Course Dashboard FAQs

What is the Course Dashboard?

The Course Dashboard is the hub of Fully Being, showing links to the main courses and modules, and the number of lessons and approximate time recommended for each.

The materials is organized into approximately 150 lessons, which have been distilled into an a Free introduction, the Essentials, and the Immersion Levels I and II (the latter consisting of eight modules each).

A Review course and Guided Meditations are also presented.

The dashboard includes a variety of interactive features that provide more information, such as:

  • Info circles  – click for more information
  • Links to the course content 
  • Progress Buttons – to show your progress (see below)
  • Resume Buttons – to return to where you left off (see below)
Can you explain the “Show Lessons Completed” button?

When you click ‘Show Lessons Completed’ buttons, you will see how many lessons you have completed in each course or module.

Please note: the lessons in each course are not necessarily unique to that course. The Immersion Level II course contains all 150 lessons, while the other courses consist of different subsets of these.  When you complete a lesson in one course or module, it will be marked as complete in all of the other courses or modules in which it appears. Because of this, you may show progress in courses or modules that you have not yet started if they contain lessons that you have completed in another course or module.

What are the Resume Course buttons?

The Resume Course button near the top of the Course Dashboard will take you to the page on the website that you visited last. This could be a Course or Lesson page, an FAQ page, a Support page, etc.

You will also find the same Resume Course option in your Account section (far right menu item).

If you select the Show Lessons Completed button, Resume Course buttons will also appear below each course or module in the dashboard. These Resume Course buttons will take you to the last lesson you visited in this course or module. If you have not visited a course or module, then the Resume Course button will not show for that course/module.

How do I access the Immersion Level courses?

To access the Immersion Level I and II courses, click on the colored tab to display the modules in each course.

What is the Sequential and Thematic toggle?

The Sequential option shows the order of modules recommended for first-time users.

The Thematic option shows the modules arranged into categories of Grounded Body (gold), Warm Heart (red), and Clear Mind (blue).

See Using this Course for more information.

Lesson FAQs

Course and Lesson FAQs

What does it mean to Mark a Lesson as Complete?

Marking a lesson as complete will allow you to track your progress and come back to material that you have not completed. Note that many lessons appear in multiple courses and modules, and when you mark a lesson as complete in one course or module, it will appear as completed in all other courses of modules in which it appears.

Some lessons are marked as complete in courses and modules that I have not started. Why is that?

See the last Q & A

Do I need to complete a lesson before moving on to the next lesson?

We recommend that you complete a lesson before moving on to the next lesson. However, content is not restricted in any way.

The names of some lessons in Immersion Level II are preceded by an arrow symbol (>). What does this mean?

The arrow symbol (>) indicates lessons that appear only in the Immersion Level II course. These lessons typically represent more advanced or nuanced aspects of the material.

Can I download videos and audio tracks of each lesson?

We do not allow downloads of the lesson videos. However, on each course or module page, there is a link to download the audio tracks of the videos, in the form of MP3 audio files. The audio files for each course/module are zipped in a download folder. You will need to unzip the folder to access the files.

Is there a glossary of terms on the website?

Yes, a glossary of terms is provided on a Glossary Page. Throughout the site, the glossary terms are highlighted by a faint dotted underlining.

Video Features

At the bottom right of each video, you will find options for:

  • Sound level
  • CC – Captions, in English and Spanish
  • Video transcripts
  • Settings for quality and speed
  • Full screen option

Please report any video issues here (we appreciate the feedback!).

Language FAQs

Language FAQs

Is Fully Being available in multiple languages?

Fully Being courses was originally prepared for an English-speaking audience. However, we hope to deliver Fully Being in Spanish, German, Mandarin, and Vietnamese in future years. Transcripts of the videos in each lesson are now available in Spanish.

Can I use Google translate to read the material in my language?

We do not recommend Google translate, because many of the terms used in Fully Being are not easily translated into other languages, and misunderstandings may occur.

How do I see transcripts of videos?

In the lower right of each video, click on the cog icon to select the transcript or caption overlay of the video content.

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