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Known Issues



Gift Subscriptions

Purchaser omits or enters incorrect email of gift recipient: Delete the user that they created (make sure they don’t have an existing subscription aside from the erred subscription).  Either

  • refund the errant Order, delete the associated subscription, and ask the gifter to create a new order (I think this works),
  • leave the existing order and subscription intact, and give the gifter a coupon to create a new gift subscription for the recipient (the former might be better, because otherwise the original order is hanging in limbo)
  • (Tried adding New Subscription from backend …. but the gift recipient needs to be present as a user to add them – could try adding them as a Customer, and then maybe the gift will add them as a user?)

Receiver of the Gift would like to purchase a subscription, but their access is blocked by Subscriber restrictions

  • Workaround is to log out, and then signup, and on the checkout page, choose the option to login to your account


If a subscription product is modified, you can run the Woocommerce Retroactive Tool to re-sync subscribers to the new settings. Woocommerce > Status > Tools

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