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What is Fully Being?


Grounded Body

Warm Heart

Clear Mind

  Grounded Body

Cultivate relaxation, rootedness and courage in the midst of our speedy and turbulent world

Warm Heart

Healing emotional disconnect and reconnecting with our innate wellbeing, a readyness to give and receive love 

  Clear Mind

Learning to stabilize, sharpen and open our mind’s natural clarity and insight


At a Glance

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  • self-paced online meditation 
  • over 170 lessons, from beginning to advanced level 
  • outcome of 25+ years of teaching experience by a meditation master
  • ancient wisdom addressing the unique mental and emotional struggles of modern life

4 Paths of Fully Being

Free Taste

6 Lessons

1 – 2 weeks*

Essentials Path

17 Lessons

1 month*

Full Path

50 Lessons

3 months*

Immersion Path

170 Lessons

6+ months*


*Times are estimates

A Fully Being Lesson

    Each lesson includes

  • 3-15 minute video
  • written materials to support integration 
  • audio track for listening on the go
  • trackable progress

Meet the Teacher

Tsoknyi Rinpoche was born in Nepal in 1966 to a Tibetan father and a Nepali mother, and was raised and educated by some of the greatest meditation masters of our time.

Rinpoche is deeply committed to presenting wisdom teachings in ways that are authentic and yet fresh and relevant. He is keenly interested in how spirituality can be embodied within the unique mental and emotional challenges of today’s world.

Rinpoche has taught and traveled worldwide for over 25 years. He also oversees nunneries in Nepal and Tibet, and is committed to supporting women’s education and enlightenment


Fully Being Curriculum

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4 Paths -

for exploring at different levels of depth


    • Free Taste


    • Essentials


    • Full


  • Immersion 

Choice of Three Paths

Essentials Path

17 Lessons
1 Month *

Full Path

50 Lessons
3 Months *

Immersion Path

170 Lessons
6+ Months *

*Times are approximate (the course is self-paced). You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Essentials - 3 courses

I – Grounded Body

Dropping out of the thinking mind…                 Read More

II – Warm Heart

Befriending our ‘beautiful monsters’…        Read More

III – Clear Mind

Settling in calmness allows clarity…        Read More

Full + Immersion - 8 Courses

Essence Love

Who is it for?

  • Busy folks seeking relief from stress and speediness
  • Secular meditators seeking an embodied spiritual path
  • Students and practitioners of mindfulness, psychology and healing modalities seeking a comprehensive path
  • Dedicated practitioners of ancient Buddhist wisdom

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