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Grounded Body

  • Develop relaxation, stability and courage
  • in the midst of our speedy and turbulent world

Warm Heart

  • Learn to be tender and kind to yourself and others
  • to heal emotional disconnect and separation

Clear Mind

  • Discover natural clarity and insight
  • cutting through cloudiness, confusion and bias

What is Fully Being?

  • An online meditation program
  • self-paced and experiential 
  • Profound wisdom expressed in relevant and practical ways
  • Addesses the unique mental and emotional struggles of modern life

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Experience a Lesson Now

A Fully Being Lesson


170 lessons curated into 4 paths


Each lesson includes

  • 3-15 minute video
    • (theory + guided meditations)
  • Key Points
  • Contemplations
  • Daily Mantras
  • Trackable progress
Full access: $15/month

4 Paths

Free Taste

6 Lessons

1 – 2 weeks*

Essentials Path

17 Lessons

1 month*

Full Path

50 Lessons

3 months*

Immersion Path

170 Lessons

6+ months*

*Times are estimates



unlimited access to all materials, cancel at any time

Who is it for?

  • Busy folks seeking relief from stress and speediness
  • Secular meditators seeking an embodied spiritual path
  • Students and practitioners of mindfulness, psychology and healing modalities seeking a comprehensive path
  • Dedicated practitioners of ancient Buddhist wisdom


Meet the Teacher

Tsoknyi Rinpoche was born in Nepal in 1966 to a Tibetan father and a Nepali mother, and was raised and educated by some of the greatest meditation masters of our time.

Rinpoche is deeply committed to presenting wisdom teachings in ways that are authentic and yet fresh and relevant. He is keenly interested in how spirituality can be embodied within the unique mental and emotional challenges of today’s world.

Rinpoche has taught and traveled worldwide for over 25 years. He also oversees nunneries in Nepal and Tibet, and is committed to supporting women’s education and enlightenment

Fully Being Curriculum

The Four Paths

Free Taste

6 lessons

Essentials Path

17 lessons in 3 courses 

Full Path

60 lessons in 8 courses

Immersion Path

170 lessons in 8 courses

The 4 Paths

Free Taste

Free Taste

A 6-Lesson introduction to Fully Being, including an overview and practical exercises to develop a grounded body, warm heart, and clear mind.

Essentials Path

17 Lessons organized into 3 Courses

I – Grounded Body

Dropping out of the thinking mind and grounding awareness in the body prepares us for all meditation.

Working with speedy energy and the breath helps to balance our nervous systems, and manage anxiety, stress and burnout.

II – Warm Heart

Befriending our ‘beautiful monsters’– our challenging emotional patterns and shadows, helps to forge a healthy relationship between the mind and the feeling world.

Through this, we can discover our birthright, a natural wellbeing we call essence love.

Clear Mind

With a sense of calm, we learn to settle the mind, developing relaxation and focus.

We learn to settle with and without a meditation object.
With a calm and clear mind, we can allow the natural insight and wisdom which is our nature to blaze forth.

Full Path  and Immersion Path 

60 or 170 Lessons organized in 8 Courses

Go Deeper Into

Grounded Body

1 – Dropping

We learn how to drop the anxious, hyper-active mind and ground awareness in the body.

4 – Subtle Body

Warm Heart

Clear Mind

5 –Four Modes

6 – Settling

7 – Insight

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