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Discounted Group Subscriptions via Coupon Codes


Discount codes allow individual members of a group to purchase a Fully Being subscription directly, rather than through the group leader (see the alternative: https://fullybeing.org/group-plans).

How does it work? Leaders of pre-approved groups may request discount codes that give group members a reduced rate on Fully Being subscriptions ($10/month or $120/year).

Once approved, the leader needs to send us the email addresses of students who would like to pay monthly ($10/month) and of those who would like to pay annually ($80/year). We will send a discount code for each group (one code for the monthly subscriptions and one code for the annual subscriptions).

(Note that the email addresses will be used by our system to validate the coupons when someone starts a subscription.)

How long does the reduced subscription rate last? The discount codes will provide a discounted rate for one annual payment, or for up to 12 monthly payments. The annual subscription rates are a better value, but the monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Conditions. Note that the subscriptions will automatically convert to the normal rate after 1 year, unless cancelled. Also, existing subscriptions should be canceled before using a discount coupon.


  • Can group members be added one at a time, as they join? Yes, please contact us as needed.
  • Can the group discount be extended for more than one year. Yes, but subscribers will need to cancel their existing subscriptions to start a new subscription with a new discount code.

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