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In the Insight module, Rinpoche uses a variety of terms to refer to the process of inquiry and its outcome, which is insight or wisdom. “Vipassana”, literally “higher seeing”, is a classic term in all Buddhist traditions and refers to a great many practices associated with investigation and wisdom. “Analytic meditation” refers to an approach of using focused analysis or inquiry to probe a topic (such as the nature of the body) or a question (such as, “Is my sense of self changing or unchanging?”) “Prajna” is a Sanskrit term meaning “wisdom” or “insight”. “Understanding” can refer to an ordinary level or a breakthrough type of experience (like an AHA moment). “Space” and “openness” are experiential words meant to help transmit the outcome of the vipassana practices.

vipassana, prajna, wisdom, analytic meditation, understanding, space, openness
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