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Feel the Feelings

Feel the Feelings


  • In what ways do we hold onto things?
  • What is the right attitude for dropping?




Key Points

  • We hold onto things in two ways: with the mind and the body. We have to communicate with the body that it’s okay to let go.
  • Once we start to feel our feelings, communication starts. Otherwise, we are still in our heads.
  • There are two kinds of knowing: from the mind and feelings. We must learn to feel our feelings fully,  not just know them in the mind.
  • Drop the thinking, judging, and over-caring mind, and rest in the simple awareness of the body and feelings.
  • Dropping happens with a light, carefree attitude.


  • Practice dropping into the body and letting be with a carefree attitude.
  • The more we drop into the body, sensations and feelings of all sorts will arise. Just be with them in a non-judgmental and kind way. As we allow emotions to come up in the body and feel them in this way, we create a more healthy relationship between the mind and body.
  • Off the cushion, begin to gently recognize the presence and activity of obsessive thinking and stories. It can be helpful to keep a journal of what you see and experience for later reference.
  • Enhancements to this body-centered practice, if done with this carefree attitude, can be beneficial. Mindful yoga, qi-gong, and other somatic therapies go well with this practice. Dancing is also a great way to get out of the head and inhabit the body.


Daily Contemplations

  • Feeling with the mind, being in the body
  • Connect to the body through feelings
  • Not too heavy but light
  • Not too serious but carefree

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