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Admin Notes


Defaults: Headings, Josefin Sans; Content, Roboto Condensed (400)

Homepage: Headings Josefin Sans (300), Robot (300) – mostly

Image credits

Course Progression Diagram

Plugin Notes

Color Palette


Logo Color

Button color (fcb017)

Former Link Color

Gold for Body Sections (F08700)

Current link color

Former Link Hover color

Lime Green for Homepage Buttons (#8ea604)

Button Bar – Minicourse and Qualities (#23a455)

Heading Bars on Courses

Background Meet the Teacher ON MOBILE (#001c1c)

Learn Dash Buttons  (#9c3aa3)

Blue for Mind sections (00A6A6)

Link Hover color

Background Fully Being Lesson Section (#013e4f)

Current text color

Button Bar – Essentials (#4054b2)

Buttons on Course page

Red for Heart Sections (AB1F23)

Heading bars on Lessons

Logo color

Background Testimonials Inner Section (#4c0000)

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